ZW3D and Computes Cut Sphera: two integrated software between them

The development of a product has always involved two distinct processes: firstly the design followed by the production. The use of non-integrated CAD and CAM tools to develop products creates a communication barrier between design and production, resulting in cost, time and quality problems, particularly when design changes are necessary or interruptions for feasibility reasons .
The integration between ZW3D and COMPUTES / CUT SPHERA makes these processes simpler and more immediate with the management of the parts to be cut, from the design to the CAM.
Thanks to this connection, the user has the ability to send the development view of the detail he is managing in ZW3D to the CAM, simply by clicking!
But how should the initial drawing be in ZW3D?
– it can be a 3D step file that the customer has received from the outside;
– it can be an assembly file of several pieces or simply a single sheet metal detail;
– it can be a 2D drawing drawn directly in the “drawing” environment of ZW3D;
Thanks to this command present in ZW3D the 2D development is sent directly to the geometry database in COMPUTES CUT SPHERA.
And so it will no longer be necessary …
– create a DXF export of the 2D development and in SPHERA go to import from DXF;
– have ZW3D and COMPUTES CUT SPHERA installed on the same PC.
The designer is immediately involved also in the CAM phase as for each piece, when launching the command in ZW3D when passing the data to SPHERA, he must immediately declare: material, thickness and quantity to be produced.
The results?
Reduction of development time by 50% and better control and connection between programming and putting into machine parts and assemblies.