Xdream: the highly flexible working centre

XDREAM is the last born of Promotec, the outcome of our long-standing experience in the field of plasma implemented to our awareness of laser sector. It is in compliance with Industria 4.0 requisites, and can satisfy at best the most complex requests of the market.
XDREAM is a working centre highly flexible, which employs plasma technology up to 300A and fiber laser from 2 to 10 kW together. The standard equipment includes metal sheet storage, double brushless motor gantry on rack and pinion movements, and pallet change – or alternatively shift table. The automatic drilling system with revolver 6T is installed more and more frequently. The sheet metal table ranges up to 3,5 m width and 12 m length.
The main structure of the machine is monolithic and can be handled in a unique element, thus securing very fast installation activities and preserving the accuracy obtained during our internal tests.