Welding bench for capacitor discharge studs

The research for new solutions pushes Heinz Soyer Bolzenschweißtechnik GmbH – D – to study more performing technologies for the welding of studs of which it is the market leader.
Thus was born the union between the PTS-2 semi-automatic bench and the SK-5AP automatic welding head.

The high-powered and cost-saving PTS-2 bench-mounted welding system enables the stationary welding of various weld fasteners.
The semi- and fully automatic stud feed ensures that welding jobs are carried out quickly and efficiently.
The slim and compact SK-5AP stud welding head has a unique stud feed system and can be rapidly converted to other stud diameters.
The height of lift and immersion depth are indicated on the digital display. This allows welding parameters to be easily adjusted.
A tip for achieving better welding aesthetics.
Soyer proposes the preparation of the welding surface with a liquid that greatly improves the quality of the welds on especially galvanized sheets, avoiding the adhesion of splashes and oxides.
The composition is silicone-free, does not generate dangerous vapors and is suitable for surfaces that can be washed with water. Furthermore, the product is manufactured with industrial criteria; this reduces the risk of using unsecured “do-it-yourself” preparations.