We retune SMEs to Industry 4.0 tunes

This is the motto of Orchestra, which has launched on the market a complete suite of products for Industry 4.0 projects aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises.
RETUNER® solution interconnects the machines in the factory and enables them to communicate with the ICT systems present in the company, also guaranteeing access to the tax incentives provided for by the Italian legislation of Transition 4.0. Its uniqueness is the ability to interconnect any new or existing type of machine, whatever the standard of interconnection made available by the various manufacturers.

At LAMIERA Orchestra Srl will present the latest developments of its suite of products RETUNER®, in particular:

– SMARTEdge4.0 Next Generation: capable of transforming raw data into ready-to-use information already on the machine. It is a smart system which, by integrating artificial intelligence algorithms, supports a new generation of proximity digital services in various fields of application: predictive and on-condition maintenance, safety of nearby operators, quality control on the machine, manual processes assisted by collaborative robots. These are value-added services capable of giving active and real-time support to production operators and maintenance workers of production assets, but also of offering valid help in the training of young recruits and in updating already trained staff.

– MiniMES4.0: a multilingual Web App, usable from any PC or mobile device to plan, advance, track and control production in real time. Designed for the needs of small customers who do not have management systems, other than simple accounting systems and extensive use of Excel. It has proved to be a MES for everyone, thanks to the simplicity of configuration and use, its economic scalability and sustainability. Its new BI component integrated within the “Results” tab offers SMEs a tool to start using production data in a direct, simple and effective way and gain a real competitive advantage.