W-Fiber – Warcom solution for laser cutting

Sixty years of experience in production of machinery for metal sheet working (hydraulic and electric press brakes, guillotine shears, plasma cutting machines and laser cutting machines) and a brand existing since 1979, make Warcom a benchmark on Italian and International markets. An experience which is, and always has been, at service of innovation. And from here, with a project which saw the light more than 10 Years ago, was born W-Fiber.
A state of the art machine, made and thought for customers in different areas, with different requirements concerning cutting quality, cutting speed, logistics and power and gas consumption.
Having reliable and effective solutions for automation and relying on complete package “All-In-Light” by Precitec, together with mastery in the realization of the mechanical project, allow our W-Fiber to follow these requirements.
Thanks to its excellent feedback from the market, Italian and foreign, Warcom has stronger motivations to improve this technology, getting closer and closer to CO2 cutting quality, while keeping all the advantages of fiber laser machines.