Vegetable grits for surface finishing

Tumbling is a mechanical surface finishing process which allows to eliminate the residues resulting from previous processing, eliminate rust and oxides and to polish. The operation can be carried out in the presence of abrasive media, specially selected on the basis of the result you want to get. Among the different materials there are abrasive grits of vegetable origin, particularly suitable for drying and polishing operations. Atlante srl produces and directly supplies the following granulates:

• CORN COB GRANULATE. Suitable for drying and polishing.
• WALNUT SHELL GRANULATE (real walnut). For polishing and deburring.
• OLIVE STONE GRANULES (new product) For polishing and deburring.

In particular, the olive stone is a new and exclusive product, heavier and harder, very effective in eliminating burrs and, mixed with abrasive pastes, it is excellent for obtaining bright finish; it is highly appreciated in jewelry, cutlery, etc.
All products are calibrated and de-dusted; the quality is good and prices are competitive.

The company is based in Turin but, thanks to the presence of a warehouse on the outskirts of Milan, is able to cover a large delivery area and to ensure efficient distribution. The product is sold directly by the manufacturer to the user, with a clear reduction in costs.