Transfer solutions for metal presswork and stamping

DIGIEMME designs and produces complete turn-key transfer systems and lines, mechanical and electronic transfers for all markets and materials. We also provide presswork services, through to manufacture of the finished component.
Decades of experience- the company was founded in 1974- and the continual evolution of the market have led us to produce extremely high quality equipment and components and to explore new paths to optimize production, reducing the time, labor, and materials required, while supplying the best technical solution for each specific need.
There are many reasons to choose transfer stamping: the tight tolerances that can be obtained, compact lines, significant material savings or even the possibility to have finished parts off the press, without secondary operations.
The great versatility of this technology allows to be applied to many fields, such as automotive, furniture hardware, heating and cosmetics.
Among the electronic and mechanical transfer units on the market, a new version is coming this year.
The new ELECTRONIC TRANSFER TE2AV5 is the latest evolution of our electronic transfers, widely used by lots of companies for versatility and efficiency.
The TE2AV5 transfer is available with maximum opening starting from 500 mm up to 1200 mm and is completely flexible for setting movements.
The reduced overall height (235 mm) allows to use progressive toolings and transfers on the same press.
The installation is very easy thanks to modularity and compactness. The components guarantee several millions of cycles without maintenance.
Thanks to excellent choice of materials, the optimization of masses and the rigidity, the transfer can reach up to 150 spm.