The technological partner you would like to have

SAVIM EUROPE boasts a multi-year experience in the design and installation of industrial painting plants, both liquid and powder, customized according to the space, production and customer’s needs:

  • Complete liquid painting plants
  • Complete powder painting plants
  • Industrial painting booths and ovens
  • Polymerization, pre-heating, baking and drying ovens
  • Painting grids and dry aspiration walls
  • Blasting and sandblasting booths
  • Dry and water curtain painting booths
  • Phosphodegreasing, washing and preparation plants
  • Automatic painting plants for sheets and profiles
  • Painting plants for fiberglass and composite materials

We have always aimed to expand and improve the technical, productive and assistance structure to respond in the best way possible to the needs of the finishing market, in continuous evolution, in the sectors of:

  • Painting for third parties
  • Construction industry
  • Electrical engineering and automation
  • Mechanical constructions and machines
  • Automotive and agricultural machinery
  • Railway industry
  • Naval industry
  • Defence
  • Oil and gas
  • Plastic materials

Offering technically and economically optimized solutions to meet the specific needs of the customer and his product.

Thanks to more than 2,000 plants built in over 35 years of activity, we have reached a position of national and international importance, growing together with many of our customers.

Some of them, thanks to our plants and to a continuous collaboration with updates and assistance, have become leaders in the national field and worldwide, obtaining recognitions and appearing in the major field magazines.

It is not enough for us to just be your supplier, we want to be your technology partner in the years to come.