The tailor made magazine for the sheet metal industry

Founded in 1964, Lamiera has always been recognized as the primary source of information in the industry of sheet metal processing and transformation. Its success is given by the reliability of the contents which, rightly mixed, are able to provide in a simple way a concrete vision of the news concerning this industry. Lamiera offers constant updates about current issues, new business opportunities, company and product developments and the main technological innovations concerning the world of sheet metal working.
In each issue, in addition to the technological focuses, are widely displayed case histories in which companies show their experiences and their technological developments to offer products and services with high added value. Lamiera aims to provide practical information to help readers to make production and decision-making processes more efficient.
Lamiera is one of the historic publications of Tecniche Nuove Publishing Group.
After half a century, in a completely different new industrial scenario, Tecniche Nuove Spa has become a global communication landmark and, maintaining its original vocation, the company has been able to diversify and expand its range of interest over the years to become today a leader in specialized publishing, with actually 139 titles reaching over seven and a half million contacts every month.