The revolution in MIG/MAG welding technology

A new era is dawning: As one of the leading manufacturers of welding units, REHM the steel welding specialist from Baden-W├╝rttemberg is expanding its range with the innovative FOCUS.ARC P. Developed for the future, this welding unit sets completely new standards with its revolutionary MIG/MAG technology. The FOCUS.ARC P represents a new generation of unit with numerous impressive features. These include the advanced arc technology and the new SIRIUS digital application.

Compelling arguments
The new FOCUS.ARC P makes welding even more efficient. It reduces costs by 50%, generates 70% less welding smoke, reduces rework by 80% and is 100% Industry 4.0 compatible. In addition to outstanding performance, the FOCUS.ARC P meets the highest quality requirements and all health standards. This makes it absolutely essential for any company that intends to remain competitive in the future with efficient production processes.

SIRIUS: Into the future with high-tech
The FOCUS.ARC P belongs to a new generation of units which, with the digital application SIRIUS, make many processes faster, of better quality and more cost-effective. This means that the FOCUS.ARC P is 100% Industry 4.0 compatible and adapts to future requirements.

The FOCUS.ARC P is networked via digital communication routes. In such a way that all those involved in the production process, i.e. man and machine, are connected to each other. It delivers and receives complete information from all areas of the company. This ensures an efficient process.

As part of the production chain, SIRIUS communicates directly with production planning and can also be integrated into ERP systems. From there, SIRIUS receives orders and settings, provides production progress, welding data and consumption values. Planning or post-calculation can be carried out faster and more easily.