The punching machine specialists

TECHNOLOGY Italiana comes back to Fiera LAMIERA, bringing a rich proposal of solutions for punching, that places it as a reference in the sector of punching machines.

Today it is the only company to offer the two main punching technologies on the market:
• Servo-electric punching machines with open “C” structure, equipped with Trumpf tools
• Servo-electric punching machines with closed “O” structure, equipped with Amada tools

The queen of the stand will be the new TP Gamma, latest generation servo-electric punching machine, with a working range of 1500×3000: a machine with 25 tons of power, equipped with a 15-station tool changer and an auto-index system for all tools. The TP Gamma, like all C-shaped punching machines, will be equipped with Trumpf tools supplied by our partner Wilson Tool.

But the news does not end here. TECHNOLOGY has recently presented the new line of high turret punching machines with Amada style tools: we are talking about traditional turret machines, with closed structure, equipped with various tool configurations, which allow them to reach up to 48 stations.
TECHNOLOGY firmly believes in servo-electric technology; this is why all the punching machines proposed are equipped with the latest generation servo-electric punching systems.

Furthermore, in the stand, there will be a workstation dedicated to the JetCam CAD/CAM programming software, where our collaborator, Stefano Soldi, will show the latest innovations introduced.

As a punching machine specialist, TECHNOLOGY aims to be a partner for its customer; for this reason it offers a global service that goes beyond just the machine.
Tools, programming software, technical assistance with specialized technicians, design of customized tools.