The new compact models in the Star Cam series

Market leader for over thirty years in the field of standard die components, OMCR has been operating in the field of cam units since the early 2000s and has gained wide experience both in designing and manufacturing cam units in various forms and sizes. Among these stand out the range of Star Cam Series (CHD, CHV, CLB, CRX, DHC).
Always mindful to new needs in design and production, OMCR expands the range of CHV and CRX with two high-performance compact versions.
The new CHV050 offers to designers and die manufacturers, a cam units with reduced dimensions and easy to apply on transfer or traditional molds.
Compact, reliable, versatile and powerful, these are the features of the new CHV050 aerial cam:
• Maximum size 190 x 50 x 195 (mm)
• Sliding with SINT300® wear plates
• Work angle from 0° to 75°
• Work stroke from 29 to 63 (mm)
• Work force from 92 to 110 (kN)
• Extraction force from 4,5 to 6,1 (kN)
• According to VDI norms

With CRX01, OMCR offers to designers an ideal cam units for application in small spaces and progressive molds.
Compact, reliable, powerful, these are the features of the new CRX01 roller cam:
• Dimensions 162x78x136 (mm)
• Slide plate with SINT300® covering
• Maximum working force 45 (kN)
• Working area of 78×63 (mm)
• Extraction force from 2.5 to 3.4 (kN)
• Working angles from -15° to 50°
• Stroke from 30 to 50 (mm)

All OMCR Star Cam Series can be supplied with customized work surfaces. The customizations allow to reduce cam units insertion time in the die mold, freeing up machine resources and allowing the user to focus on other die mold construction activities.
The machinings are transmitted by the customer in 3D CAD format and the characteristics can be communicated by the use of the colors in the OEM table provided by OMCR or according with customer specifications.
OMCR and STAR CAM SERIES are the winning choice for those who design sheet metal molds!