The first ERP cloud also developed for those who cut sheet metal

Thanks to the collaboration with Libellula, leader in the cutting sheet metal software, Sequar is the first system to propose a cloud architecture for constant interchange between ERP and CAD/CAM software dedicated to metal cutting, of any brand. A solution awaited by thousands of companies in the sector.

A complete set of customizable apps

Sequar means 11 modular applications that can be fully integrated to extend the advantages of a cloud ERP software to all internal processes:

• Production Area: Apps related to Production, Connection Interface with CAD/CAM software, Subcontracting, Time Detection and Warehouse
• Commercial Area: Sales and CRM Apps
• Administrative Area: Purchases and Invoicing Apps
• Human Resources Area: Employees and Attendance Apps

“Sequar is an absolute news for the market – asserts Davide Morra, R&D Department – Thanks to the wide range of apps we can bring business processes to maximum efficiency through the continuous exchange of data between all company areas. We are also the first to propose an ERP cloud that dialogues with sheet metal cutting software. To all this we combine the great plus of the cloud architecture, which represents the future of data management for the opportunities it offers, such as lower installation costs and internet access with any device”.