The first coil processing combined machine

PRODUTECH innovation was recognized with European funding “Horizon 2020”, thanks to which EffiCOIL was made: the first coil processing combined machine in the world

The integration of electric punching and fibre laser cutting together with continuous coil-sheet feeding, makes EffiCOIL a unique solution on the market

EffiCOIL is a high-efficiency solution for metal cutting and forming. In particular, this line is highly innovative and unique on the market, since it joins:
• Laser cutting with efficient and high-quality fiber
• The most advanced technology for metal-sheet electric punching, with electric drive – already patented by Produtech
• Coil feeding
• Scraps unloading and products stacking with automatic cycle

The main advantages of this machine can be summarized in:

• Energy savings: thanks to alternation of processing between the electrical driven punching machine and the fiber optic laser cutting
• Reduction in raw materials used: working continuously from coil allows to better exploit layout of work parts on the sheet metal, thanks to nesting
• Reduction in work time: production with a single coil-fed combined machine avoids the use of different accessory machines
• Drastic reduction in wearable components and malfunction risks: use of linear motors and direct drive torque motors eliminates mechanical transmissions
• Savings in terms of workshop area occupancy: working directly from coil with a single machine avoids the use of numerous pallets with sheet packs and different accessory machines
• Drastic reduction in dangerous emissions: total lack of CO2 and almost total absence of gases thanks to abolition of lubricating oils, hydraulic oils and the use of fiber optic laser
• Reduction in manpower: producing from coil on a single machine allows to produce in automatic cycle without operator presence