The beating heart of profiling

Tecnoma, founded in 1994, is specialized in the design and construction of roll forming lines, from the introduction of sheet metal to the packaging of the finished product.

Our long experience allows us to follow the client during all phases of his project: from the study of the profile to the design and construction of the line.

We guarantee personalized technical support, as well as increasingly high-quality standards.

Recognized as “quality manufacturer”, Tecnoma today has a worldwide reputation in the field of profiling.

1- Compact, fixed, cassette, duplex, width-adjustable, multi-profile and combined roll forming lines.
2-Lines for sheet metal processing (galvanized steel, pre-painted steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper).
3-Lines for the production of profiles of all kinds, open and closed profiles: welded and / or seamed tubes, uprights, coating and roof profiles, profiles for plasterboard, cable trays, automotive, drainpipes, etc.
4-Lines for the production of special profiles: sliding doors, shutters, profiles for ventilation, profiles in the agricultural field.
5-Profiling lines for the production of insulated panels for coverings and walls.
6-Production lines for profiles of different thicknesses up to 6mm.
7-Profiling machines with widths up to 1500 mm.
8-Integrated lines with decoiler(s), coil junction, felt laying group and/or protective film, punching units, multi-presses, start-stop or on-the-fly cuttings, welding units.
9-Integrated lines with manipulators, assertive with anthropomorphic or Cartesian robots, for stacking, palletizing and packaging of profiles.
10-New generation of bending and rolling machines.
All our machines are equipped to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.
Our lines are customized and studied with our clients based on the profile or profiles to be created. They meet the professional needs of customers, both in terms of quality and respect for the environment, ensuring high precision and reliability over time.