The AI solution for small and medium enterprises

Vedrai SpA develops and implements AI-based solutions to support managers of SMEs in the decision-making process. Vedrai’s AI models monitor internal data (production data, accountability) and external factors (macroeconomics, weather, trends) to evaluate the impact of future business choices.

To allow different industrial sectors to make their way through this mass of information, Vedrai SpA creates products for several business areas like retail, the food industry, and manufacturing. Vedrai SpA provides Virtual Agents for different business roles:
● Sales Manager
● Marketing Manager
● Supply Manager
● Production Manager

For example, Becky™ is the virtual purchasing manager that allows forecasting the availability and the prices of raw materials, by monitoring market trends. The Virtual Agent is able to make forecasts regarding the future results of commodities, allowing the development of cost management strategies and organizing the storage.

Instead, James™ is the virtual agent that supports the CEO in the decision-making process. James™ provides insights into business performance, analyzing past behavior and forecasting future execution. Combining business data with external contextual variables, the Virtual Agent is able to estimate future performance in terms of return on net investment, return on sales, and cash flow, allowing the business owner to take action in advance.

James™ can simulate different budget allocation scenarios and see the results, allowing to better calibrate the available resources given the set objectives. The Virtual Agents support the entrepreneur in defining the business strategy, showing the feasibility index of a set goal and the set of activities to be implemented to achieve that goal.

Vedrai’s AI-based solution supports CEOs and entrepreneurs in taking more precise decisions, reducing the cost of bad choices.