Technology servicing efficiency: Innovation for the welding world

Telwin is a historic Italian brand, based in Vicenza, specialising in the production of welding and plasma cutting machines for professional use. Innovation, the focus of our corporate mission, is consolidated in products designed to increase work quality, guarantee greater process efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Production capacity and reliability over time are fundamental aspects in the industrial world.
Wave OS (Welding Advanced Visual Environment) is the operating system created by Telwin and implemented in the Electromig and Inverpulse ranges, which improve work quality, ensuring its repeatability and increase the efficiency of manual welding. Thanks to the graphic interface (TFT colour display), communication between the operator and the machine is direct, immediate and intuitive. The intelligence of the machine can be fully trusted to automatically adjust the parameters or create and save personalised welding programs according to your needs. Thanks to Wave OS, it is also possible to trace and analyse work, to control the production processes and intervene on their quality and efficiency.

Among the new products intended for the industrial world that implement this solution, Inverpulse Wave 60.30 and 60.40 are to the fore, which complete an already ample range of professional welding solutions. They are two multiprocess wire welding machines (available in the “Aqua” versions, which are liquid cooled) with continuous and pulsed operation which, thanks to Wave intelligence, offer advanced welding arcs for the most wide-ranging types of applications. R&D investments by Telwin have allowed optimum analysis of welding arc dynamics to implement a series of synergic curves to guarantee the best performance and a welding experience without precedent: workable welding bath, start-up without sprays, greater bath penetration, execution speed of the piece, etc. The result is higher precision (therefore less reworking and greater efficiency) in a complete series of advanced operations. The PULSE and PoP (PULSE ON PULSE) technologies, for example, were developed to meet the need for improved productivity and welding quality compared to traditional spray arc and short arc MIG processes. For welding of pieces at a distance from one another, the ROOT-MIG mode offers a simpler and faster solution, an alternative solution to the first pass in TIG, considerably improving performance. Instead, DEEP-MIG provides all the solutions for the welding of thick pieces that the short arc is unable to match, reducing passes to a minimum to achieve the desired result.

New Telwin products don’t stop here. In fact, certain historic ranges of three-phase welding machines such as Linear, Mastermig and Supermig, have been revised with new inverter technology: more technological, efficient and compact, ensuring a considerable reduction in consumption and weight compared to their previous versions. Based on European directives on Ecodesign, Telwin is not only committed to improving its energy efficiency, but designing less energy consuming machines: with this in mind, the machines are revised using inverter technology to allow more efficient energy use and higher quality results.