Supplying turnkey solutions for sheet metal working since 1946

Whereas on the one hand, industrial automation systems and bespoke machineries are made according to individual client needs, on the other hand, standard panel bending machines for bending ferrous materials from pre-cut sheets are also manufactured.

Our Bespoke Team designs and makes automatic plants for the production of parts for household appliance industry, as well as other fields such as food, industrial refrigeration and shelving.
These plants, based on the specifications of the product to be manufactured, can process different materials, such as pre-painted, galvanized sheet metal, black sheet metal of different thicknesses and sizes, starting from coils or pre-cut sheet.
OLMA plants are entirely made in Italy, from design and paper work to the construction and installation of machinery.
This ensures high product quality, guarantee of the materials used, possibility of customization, creativity and know-how.

Our Panel Bending Machine Division was born from the experience acquired in 70 years of activity in this field, and it proposes a range of cutting edge panel bending machines with revolutionary technologies implementing bending method.
This patented solution makes them the only ones on the market to be able to reach a bending height of 300 mm, without having to use other machinery to complete the piece.
OLMA is able to offer solutions for the production of a large quantity of pieces, without interruptions, thanks to preparations in masked cycle and devices that reduce to the minimum the need for operator intervention in processing.
The in-house software also allows you to maximize productivity, carry out customized productions and reduce waste.
Automation, flexibility and process efficiency are some of the pluses of OLMA panel bending machines.

Today there are 500 successfully installed OLMA plants on Domestic and Foreign Markets.