Straight side presses with single and double connecting rod

The straight-side presses of SANGIACOMO with tonnage range from 50 to 500 Ton, are the equivalent of high-quality standards of production and performances thanks to the sturdy monolithic structures (with sizing always obtained through analysis and finite elements). The assortment includes presses with double and single rod, with several kinematics types and working tables with various sizes to satisfy every production requirement. The quality of the offered products comes from a solid and reliable mechanical basis, made entirely in our factories with a high and constant quality control, to which is combined with the latest generation of electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic components and leading brands appreciated all over the word among which SIEMENS and PILZ. Flexibility and reliability, granted by internal mechanical processing and by a software development studied by our engineers, allows us to offer customized solutions that are a fundamental element for current production processes that are increasingly competitive and aimed at optimizing each individual process. Given the consolidated efficiency of the press during the production cycle, starting from the company-machine integration from an Industry 4.0 perspective, innovation is now aimed at shortening its downtime and for this reason, particular attention is given to new production and productivity control systems. New precise useful tools are introduced for the rapid change of molds, to their control during the molding operations, which allow continuous monitoring and careful planning of production. Today, as in the past, our goal is to satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers, thanks to a wide range of solutions and support service always at hand.