Spotlights high productivity during LAMIERA

LVD will feature advanced sheet metal fabricating equipment for high-productivity laser cutting and bending at LAMIERA, Fieramilano Rho. Showcased will be the Phoenix FL-3015 fiber laser cutting machine with 20 kW power source, Ulti-Form robotic bending cell, and the full CADMAN® software suite.

Laser cutting 2.5 times faster than 10 kw
The high-power 20 kW Phoenix FL-3015 provides the ultimate level of laser cutting productivity, able to efficiently process a range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials in thicknesses up to 40 mm.
The 20-kW machine cuts up to 2.5 times faster than a 10-kW fiber laser. It pierces and cuts thick materials at rates faster than most plasma cutting systems with straighter kerfs and the ability to cut holes half the thickness of the sheet.

Bending cell needs no robot teaching
LVD’s Ulti-Form robotic bending cell keeps bending productivity at its peak, handling short and long production runs efficiently.
Ulti-Form offers a fast “art to part” process in 20 minutes or less. CADMAN-B software automatically calculates the optimal bend program and imports all bending data into the robot software CADMAN-SIM – no robot teaching is required. SIM automatically calculates gripper positions, generating the fastest collision-free path for the robot, and relays the information back to B, enabling the operator to work with a single program.

Software advances process flow
The complete suite of CADMAN software products will be demonstrated, showcasing the latest software enhancements – all designed to improve process flow.

About LVD
LVD is a leading manufacturer of sheet metalworking equipment, including laser cutting systems, punch presses, press brakes, guillotine shears and automation systems, integrated to and supported by its CADMAN® software suite. LVD Industry 4.0-ready products and technology make smart manufacturing possible.