Software CAD/CAM Nesting e Industry 4.0 for sheet metal

CAMlab is a CAD/CAM software for every cutting and punching CNC technology, such as laser and punching. CAMlab can be easily customized and thanks to its scalability the user can get immediate benefits thus improving efficiency and productivity. All the technology and nesting operations can be performed automatically or interactively. Nevertheless, the system can be set up in modular way so as to allow users to fit it with the tools they require for their production. All the technology and nesting operations can be performed automatically or interactively.
The user can intervene at any moment to modify some of the decisions taken by the software, without affecting any other changes. The CAMlab constant evolution guarantees its users the best performance. CAMlab scalability offers the product the opportunity to grow gradually according to the increasing requirements of your job.
All the drawings that can be used by CAMlab reside in a database. They can be kept in liaison with the original DXF to immediately highlight new revisions. The database allows research on parts based on materials, thicknesses or specific criteria defined by the user.
The nesting of CAMlab is precisely tailored to the customer. It’s automatic but also interactive, it starts and you end up by hand or vice versa. The nesting with the best market performance!
CAMlab has also an integrated system for managing all reports. You can edit reports of CAMlab or create new ones according to your needs. You can insert your logo, create reports with barcode and create labels for your pieces.
The CAMlab functionalities are extended by the Production Manager module of the Industry 4.0 suite which can be interfaced with the ERP software already present in the company. PM collects all the production orders related to the machines, connects them with the relative programs created by the CAM and makes them available to the communication module for the transfer to the machines at the right time.