Small dimensions for big innovations

Teda Srl presents itself at LAMIERA 2022 with an exhibition space dedicated to the various clamping systems for press brakes. Continuous innovation has allowed us to offer a complete range of mechanical / manual or pneumatic solutions for the various tool attachments: standard and new axial standard. Our locks guarantee a very fast vertical insertion and and thanks to them tools are perfectly seated and aligned, with the advantage of having very small dimensions.

Particular attention is paid to the Star system which offers the possibility of moving the intermediate in all desired positions without having to worry about the air supply. An area of the stand is instead dedicated to our Speedy Compact Touch press brake which has unique characteristics: compactness, absence of side photocells and an ergonomics of the ram that makes it much easier to create large boxed bends. It is a very practical, fast and safe solution. Everything is made simple by the CNC touch screen which makes every operation very intuitive.

These are some of the Teda Srl news for LAMIERA 2022, in addition to the presentation of the new catalog and the new site where all the products and updates of our systems will be present.