SigmaNEST PowerPack Premium

SigmaNEST PowerPack Premium is our most robust package, offering the ultimate in advanced nesting, motion-optimized NC programming to reduce scrap and increased machine productivity and includes the HD-SuperNEST module. HD-SuperNEST is a time based nesting engine designed to create the best yield possible within a specific time frame. As the engine produces better nests, the timer will reset and repeat itself until the highest yield is achieved or you manually accept the yield on a specific time interval. PowerPack Premium also includes the ability to track jobs and remnants to streamline production. It is ideal for all profile cutting machines, including laser, plasma, oxygas, waterjet, router, CNC knife and combination machines.
HD Rectangular nesting engine
The new HD Rectangular nesting engine nests rectangular parts more efficiently than see a 3% increase in yield compared to the standard Rectangular nesting engine.
▷ Save engineering time through simplified programming and more efficient machine output
▷ Reduce or eliminate scrap
▷ Handle more orders in less time
▷ Extend life of machine consumables
▷ Improved control of inventory
▷ Completely customizable through SigmaNEST’s open architecture