Shotblasting booth according to the “industry 4.0” requirements

For more than 25 years, our company is a leader in the market for the design and construction of sandblasting machines, compressed air shotblasting plants, and painting installations for the surface treatment of metal works. The consolidated experience gained from the close cooperation with the most relevant companies in the shipyard, metallic structures, petrochemical and civil construction, and other applications, has made our company one of the most important players on the market.

Our philosophy is based on recognizing the needs of our customers and responding promptly. Following this philosophy, and accepting the latest technological innovations made available by the Industry 4.0 decree, we have been able to apply the resulting requirements to traditional shot blasting booths. Notoriously, a manual activity is performed in a shot blasting booth: the operator carries out the operation by holding the compressed air sandblasting lance and projecting the abrasive against the piece to be treated.

The new technology allows us to create an “interconnected” system, that is recognizable on the network and capable of communicating with other systems inside or outside the company, according to standard communication protocols. In this way, the customer can send the types of work to be performed remotely to the cabin and receive, in response, execution times and states, also by interfacing the data with the company management program. It can also query the system on the operating status of the various components, receive information on maintenance needs, manage operating alarms. The network connection also allows our technicians to evaluate any malfunctions from our headquarters, so as to be able to indicate to the customer the corrective actions in real time, avoiding machine downtime, while waiting for the intervention of one of our maintenance technicians.

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