Shall we cooperate? Your ideal welding partner for today and for the future

The collaborative robot CRX-10iA / L – Fanuc together with the Tecnorobot positioners and rails is the avant-garde product in the world of collaborative welding. In a world of man-machine collaboration, Cobots carry out all the tiring and repetitive work, allowing operators to dedicate time to specialized activities. By integrating Cobots into production environments they become a fundamental part of the team. Fanuc – TR cobots can weld Mig / Mag, Tig, Laser or cut with Plasma process, they can also be completed with two additional motors for slides and positioners.
Advantage of welding with cobot tr

1 – Saving Time and Money

We can say with certainty that by analyzing and comparing a manual welding work cycle and one with the Cobot, with the second one obtains a time saving of 53% and an economic saving of 67%, objectively important data.
2 – Programming

DRAG & DROP trough the Teach Pendant with 12” touch screen, avails of an intuitive and simple
interface; no previous experience in robotics is in fact required. One of the available functions, is the programming through manual motion. You will only need to move the robot into the desired position and save it on the pad through the DRAG & DROP.

3 – Quality

Unlike manual welding, welding with a Cobot allows you to maintain constant quality and poduction over time H24 / 7D.

4 – Safety

Cobot high sensibility sensors activate an immediate emergency stop in case of contact with human body.
5 – Flexibility

The collaborative robot CRX-10iA/L has a payload of 10 kg, a reach of 1.418 mm and an exclusive underflip motion. The compact and light design of TR – Fanuc Cobot allows an easy interaction in any already existing work areas or systems, without the need of cranes or lifting equipment.
All of this helps companies to reduce costs, save precious space and increase profits. Maximum flexibility is obtained in the Tecnorobot trailerable version.