Safe processing of sheet metal

IMAS AEROMECCANICA, with its dynamic and flexible structure, operating in various sectors of the manufacturing of sheet metal, namely:
• Laser cutting
• Oxygen-flame cutting
• Plasma cutting
IMAS AEROMECCANICA proposes innovative solutions for the filtartion of the waste of metal finishing processings, thanks also to the wide range of dedicated products.
The wide range of sleeves and cartridges dust collectors series M and series D allows the filtration of dusts produced in the finishing processes such as sandblasting.
Whereas the range of carbon filters series CARBOCUBO are suitable for the surficial workings such as the pickling process, in presence of solvents or aggressive agents.
Others workings dealt by the IMAS filtering technology are :
– Grid blasting;
– Milling;
– Filing;
– Polishing;
The M Series dust collectors, used for the purification of gaseous emissions from industrial processes, are suitable for the treatment of fine, dry or low humidity powders, even in high concentrations. It is possible to treat filamentary materials, provided that only the direct discharge system into the container is used, excluding the use of screws or rotary valves. The dust collectors of this series adopt a filter media cleaning system by means of counter-current compressed air jets. The advantages of this cleaning system are linked to the quality of the suction throughout the work cycle, to the constant efficiency and to the absence of periodic maintenance and are applied in companies whose production process generates dust of any nature and particle size and in different concentrations, such as the steel industry, foundries, chemical and rubber industries, metalworking industries, etc …