ROCK 22 DUAL: Bending has never been so smart

The new generation of ROCK CNCs offers high efficiency of press brakes.
The Made in Italy design and the high quality of all the components guarantee high performance and a long product life.
The press brake is controlled by a family of modular controllers, called Motion, which allows an efficient uptime for all types of press brakes and their automated systems.
ROCK 22 DUAL is the last one in the ROCK family. Thanks to the second virtual monitor allows to operate with the maximum efficiency, having all the data under control.
The second screen is useful during all the programming and production phases, it also allows to see pictures, videos or PDF that can be consulted during the production.
ROCK22 DUAL is Industry 4.0 Ready, all the production data is stored in a database, that can be remotely viewed or connected to a management software. The ROCK CN can also be remotely controlled or monitored thanks to the Remote assistance and the Machine status page.
The use of the ROCK CNCs on our press brakes allows to install the IDEA BEND bending suite, an offline CAM, developed to solve all the issues of metal bending.
IDEA-BEND allows to import 3d solids of all the CAD software, starting from the import of a 3D or a DXF, we proceed with the automated tool up. Then we can define the bending sequence manually or automatically. Finally the archive page allows the data exchange between IDEA-BEND and the machine. We can send the program to the press brake and we are ready to bend.
The suite has also a Production Manager module which allows the scheduling of the production and the real time monitoring of all the production phases.
Creating a bending program has never been so easy!