RFID innovation for industry of the future

Partitalia srl will be exhibiting at LAMIERA 2019 with a wide range of RFID on-metal products. In details, the company will present RFID tags and RFID readers for sheet metal field: customized solutions for production tracking, for industrial maintenance and for after-sales tracking.

With over twenty years of experience in the ICT sector, Partitalia is an Italian business with wide competences, that produces and markets smart cards, RFID tags and readers throughout Europe.

It has been a leader in the smart card and RFID technology solutions market since 2003, with the aim of simplifying the process of identifying people and things. Whilst, in 2013, it decided to develop and market cloud solutions for the world of logistics and waste management.

Partitalia works with offset printers, customisation machinery and encoding and embedding machines in our production facility and, with an annual turnover of about 5 million euros, it invests over 7% in research and development.

The company has been collaborating actively with Italian research centres since 2017, which are centres of excellence in the technology sector: the University of Pisa and the Polytechnic of Milan. Moreover, again since 2017, SensorID has been part of our group, with Research and Development skills in the design and planning of RFID readers and connected solutions.

Its aim is to be positioned among the active players in the fourth industrial revolution. For this, the business is concentrating on innovation in two fields: production, optimised with robots and remote control systems, and product development, through concrete answers to current needs.

In particular, Partitalia has been working since 2018 to create solutions based on: RFID technology for traceability and industrial maintenance, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.