Reliable and innovative fastening solutions

Forind Fasteners provides state of the art solutions to solve the different fastening challenges and provides experience and technical support to customers from the design stage to post delivery.
Specialists in the field of fastening systems, today, as innovative and qualified distributor, Forind Fasteners is in several sectors such as: automotive, aeronautics, railways, medical, electronic, electrical, lighting and in many other areas of industrial application.
This year, the PEM® PreTect ™ Thread Masking Plugs fixing system, the fillet masking caps, will be among the new features, offering the ideal protection for internally threaded fastening systems. A solution capable of reducing the labor and protect the threads from paint and powder coating processes.
Features include:
• Fasteners are shipped with plugs and film (where applicable) already in place.
• Plugs can be augmented for thru-hole fastener types with a specially engineered stretched polyester film offering thread protection on the side opposite the plug.
• Plugs and film easily removed with a fine tip tool by end user.
• Plugs and film can withstand 482°F / 250°C temperatures.
Fasteners can be installed using automated installation equipment. (Adjustments to auto feed tooling may be required.)
The pre-installed silicone masking plugs, supplied already in place, have been designed for self-clinching blind standoffs, thru-hole standoffs, and nuts in thread sizes #4-40 to ¼-20 and M3 to M6.
PreTect™ plugs and caps are RoHS compliant with no exemptions and do not contain any REACH SVHCs or CA Prop 65 substances.

The main focus will be on Haeger®, a PennEngineering® company, is a leader in the development of innovative fastener insertion machines: a series of innovative technological solutions to suit all production requirements and performance, saving time, quality, cost reduction and on-site service.
Haeger® machines are the perfect combination of productivity, versatility and ease of installation, also allowing the installation of up to 4 different types of fasteners such as the Haeger® OTLite model.
Even special solutions are easily possible with extensive set tools.