Reduced cycle time and dimensions - high flexibility

– TR4004-F-3R automation dressing
It is a double station positioner, very versatile and available in different payload capacities and dimensions.
It is equipped with three Fanuc Robots, at the state of the art, dressed with three processes, Mig-Mag, Laser welding and cutting. This cell, completely operative in production, implements the modern processes to reach very reduced cycle times and a simple use.
– “R+R” Robot on Robot solution
High flexibility and absence of jigs, allow a simple, quick and easy production.
An R2000 Fanuc Robot, equipped with a Robot gripper on the arm, integrated with the 2D Fanuc IR Vision kit, as a plug-and-play system to recognize the pieces; a second Robot, on board, in particular the Fanuc model LR Mate, dressed with the welding kit. This solution is at the state of the art and allows the pieces to be picked up and welded without any jigs.
– TRCOW Cell integrating a Welding Cobot with Hand Guidance teaching
Thanks to this movable station, the Fanuc Cobot can fully enter the welding world.
A simple and intuitive programming, thanks to the Hand Guidance system, which allows an immediate start of the production, for both single pieces and series production. The TRCOW cell integrates also a CEA welding kit with high performances. The entire group can be moved through wheels and positioned, where the customer needs it.
All Tecnorobot solutions integrate Fanuc and can be equipped with Off-Line, Industry 4.0 kit – Remote Diagnostic, Laser Sensor and TR Service Pack 2, in addition to other standard functions, which allow a complete support of all the customer needs.