R.C inox system revolution

Why INOX SYSTEM Revolution?
1. The Most Powerful System in the World
2. The only System in the world able to cover the whole cycle of Stainless Steel: degreasing, de-oxidation, pickling, passivation
3. The quickest System for pickling in the world
4. Uses NOT HAZARDOUS products, having no impact on the Operators
5. Pickling, De-oxidation, Decontamination, Degreasing and Passivation can be done using NON DANGEROUS PRODUCTS (Non Toxic, Non Corrosive, Non Irritating the skin)
6. No ADR needed for the transportation of these products
7. between 2-3 Operators are able to work at the same time on one System
8. Maintenance for elimination corrosion or renewing the Stainless Steel Surface can be operated
9. Cable connected to the System can be long more than 30 mt !
10. Torches wide can be up to 35 cm the biggest torches in the world!
Automatic Welding SYSTEMS: it can be connected to the arm of a Robot for automatic treatment after automatic welding.