Products for Renewable Energy

With more than 60 years’ experience in fasteners, FAR is an all-round partner in highly complex solutions. Technical competences have always been combined with a keen eye on the present and above all on the future to find innovative solutions in fasteners field.
For the renewable energy sectors, FAR has created several products characterized by high resistance to tensile and shearing forces, high sealing, vibration resistance and long lifespan/duration.
These features are the result of the common particularity of these rivets, that’s the body and the nail assembled in a compact and solid structure together with the parts to be joined after fastening.
All these characteristics are guaranteed by products such as our so-called “High Performance” blind rivets including MULTIFAR INOX, TAMP, TAMP AP and FARBOLT in galvanized steel, and TAMP AP in stainless steel. These rivets, in addition to the above characteristics, can also be adapted to irregular and out-of-specifics holes to fix different thicknesses.
Furthermore, also X-TRIFAR and S-TRIFAR rivets are particularly suitable for the installation of photovoltaic systems with soft materials such as plastic, thanks to a neoprene gasket located under the head of the body. In addition to the previous mentioned fields, we can refer also to the plastic assemblies for automotive, naval and construction sectors.
Our hydro-pneumatic riveting tools RAC171, RAC3000 (with separate booster) and RAC172, all are suitable for fixing High-Performance structural rivets (Farbolt, Monobolt, Magnalock, and similar) and High-Performance rivets (TAMP AP rivets, PLUS INOX rivets, and similars) with diameters 6 mm and 6,4 mm, the last model with performance characteristics comparable to our FHU05 tool.
We invite you to surf our website at Products section for checking technical characteristics of these articles included in our wide range and come to visit us at our Booth at the Fair “LAMIERA 2019”. You will find us in the Hall 18 at the Booth A20 in Rho – Milano from 15th to 18th May.