Processing of PEM self-clinching elements with Haeger presses

Bossard Italia is a supplier of product solutions and services in industrial fastener for supply chain optimization. With its comprehensive product range of over 1,000,000 items, technical consulting and inventory management Bossard has established itself as an end-to-end supplier and partner in industry.
Bossard Italia supplies PEM® self clinching fasteners.

Self-clinching fasteners become an integral part of the workpieces by placement in sheet holes and application of a squeezing force. The sheet metal surrounding the head flows into an undercut. A serrated clinching ring prevents the fasteners from rotating after installation. These fasteners can be installed into a wide variety of materials and provide reliable fastening solutions for various industry sectors such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, enclosures/housings, mechanical engineering and medical.

Haeger® Presses
The Haeger® inserter system is based entirely on hydraulics and can be equipped modularly according to requirements and task. The single touch technology makes possible precise and reliable insertion of PEM® self-clinching nuts.

Smart Factory Logistics
When it concerns C-parts management, a good strategy to save time, resources and money is to have real-time consumption data. Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics methodology is designed with this goal. SmartBin Cloud systems consist of a combination of wireless bins and weight sensors that constantly monitor material availability ranges. When a minimum level is reached, a predefined quantity of items is automatically sent to the customer company. It tracks orders, manages inventory interactively and provides access to intelligent analysis. All these functions provide greater predictability and efficiency in the supply chain of B and C items.