Press Feeding & Flexible Coil Fed Manufacturing Lines

For the first time DIMECO, the worldwide leader, will be present at the LAMIERA exhibition on the stand I02/Pavilion15 and will promote its expertise in press feeding lines and flexible coil fed manufacturing lines named Flexilines dedicated to the most applications.
For more than 60 years, DIMECO developed a know-how in press feeding lines from coil and is able to offer value-added solutions for coil technology and press line industry as per your application. DIMECO’s press feeding lines combine high quality and high performance of decoiling, straightening, feeding and automation. At the LAMIERA exhibition, DIMECO will exhibit a brief example of a long press feeding line with a medium-duty single decoiler fitted out for safe use and a powered manual setting straightener with a head opening for a very easy cleaning of rolls and a high-quality straightening. The exhibited line allows to use a wide range of material and thicknesses and takes full advantage of a compact design.
DIMECO Flexilines division will present its expertise in coil fed flexible manufacturing lines dedicated to multiple applications (automotive, energy, construction, electrical equipment, metal furniture, lighting…). The DIMECO Flexilines offer a wide range of industrial and patented manufacturing solutions with maximum flexibility and productivity like coil fed laser cutting, flexible punching, roll forming, stacking and sorting, bending as per the customer’s production flow. Ready to answer to 4.0 industry, DIMECO produces fully automatic and connected coil fed manufacturing lines.
DIMECO proposes press feeding lines and flexible coil fed manufacturing lines according to your applications.
Visit us on the stand I02/Pavilion 15.