Plug & play nitrogen generators for laser cutting

ErreDue SpA company is glad to introduce its nitrogen on-site generators for laser cutting : NITROBOX and SATURN. The NitroBOX system is an easy and compact solution to produce nitrogen on-site at pressure, for laser cutting and any further application where highly pure nitrogen gas is needed. The system can easily replace both the high pressure nitrogen cylinders and liquid nitrogen for laser cutting and other heat treatments. NitroBOX is able to produce independently the needed nitrogen for cutting , by filling the integrated tank at 40 bar pressure or 200 bar pressure. Moreover the storage capacity can be increased simply adding one or more tanks next to the NitroBOX system. The SATURN system , in addition to all the features listed for the NitroBOX, allows the on-site and continuous production of high purity nitrogen. The SATURN generator produces nitrogen almost free of oxygen and with a dew point of -70°C, based on the principle of compressed air filtration woth CMS technology ( Carbon Molecular Sieve ) and afterwards by removing the residual oxygen and humidity by a purificaton and drying system , integrated into the same generator.