Passion and innovation: the key to success

Parolin stampi srl operates on three levels. The first one concerns design and construction of moulds for metal components made of iron, stainless steel, aluminum etc…, the second one, the production of these components through the use of moulds and, finally, CNC machining.

The products of our company reach many different sectors: automotive, appliance, furniture, construction, that is to say, all the sectors in which our customers need to industrialize metal components of various shape and size.

The company offers customer service to make every product feasible and economically viable in the context in which it is applied. All the equipment is customized and we work on internal specifications which are constantly updated in order to avoid the risk of neglecting important aspects.

Aim and strengh of the company is a special and careful attention to the customer’s needs during every phase of the design and production cycle. Moreover, being open to change, we keep on focusing on growth and innovation.

Our ideal customer is a company needing to industrialize the production of metal components of any shape and size.