NitroBox e Saturn: ultra pure nitrogen for laser cutting

On occasion of LAMIERA, Erredue will introduce the range of their industrial gases on-site generators dedicated to the production of Nitrogen gas for laser cutting and heat treatment of the sheet metal. The two top-of- the- range products are the nitrogen generators Saturn and Nitrobox.

Both of them produce ultra-high purity nitrogen – up to 99,0000%- meeting the need of the industry to provide a protection gas able to avoid even the minimum oxidation of the detail to be cut.

The nitrogen generator Saturn, thanks to an integrated purifier, produces high purity nitrogen (residual oxygen 5 ppm) even to very high pressures in order to support the high thicknesses cut (more than 20 mm) with an excellent cutting quality. Just under the quite total oxygen absence, in fact, the detail submitted to the cut undergoes an almost imperceptible oxidation reaching very high levels of brightness.
The nitrogen generator Saturn, moreover, thanks to the high optimization report of air consumption (around 75% less than the traditional systems) permits to equip itself of smaller compressors, considerably reducing the electricity consumption.
The nitrogen generator NitroBox is a plug&play solution, compact and simple for the production of on site nitrogen under pressure intended for applications where an extremely high gas purity is needed.
Literally plug&play, NitroBox is palletizable: by a forklift, in fact, you can unload it, place it in position, connect it to the grid to be immediately used.

The Erredue commercial proposal is innovative: it is possible to supply the generators in lease, at very advantageous installments – recoverable in case of subsequent purchase – including the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance service.

For more information the Erredue team will be pleased to welcome you at the stand B20 inside the pavilion 13.