New sizes in stud-welding technology with SRM effect

Heinz Soyer GmbH, distributed in Italy by E.O.I. Tecne srl – Milan for more than 40 years, introduces its portable inverter-based welders BMK-8i, 10i and 12i (Pat. No.: DE 10 2004 051389) running via the SRM® system.

The advantages of this new technique:
• 240 V single-phase power supply
• Welding bead has been eliminated
• Stud thread can be used down to the base
• No spraying of molten metal
• Reduced workpiece distortion
• Sheet metal/stud ratio1:10 mm
• 60 % less penetration
• 60 % less welding time
• 70 % energy savings

How it works:
This new technique offers all sectors of the metal processing industry a new opportunity for improving welding quality.
The welding arc follows a spiral trajectory created by the magnetic field, which melts the stud’s head in the sheet metal body.
The rotation of the arc produces a regular, complete melting of the stud joint with the sheet metal.
This is performed with a considerable reduction of welding current and limited melting.
In this manner there is less splashing, with excellent results on the vertical parts as well.

For example, the new single-phase, 230 Volt, 9.5 kg BMK-8i portable welder is very lightweight and powerful, suitable for welding studs up to M8 (M10/M12 with reduced base). Current consumption is only 300°.

The gun
The welders of this family use the new PH-9 SRM12+G welding gun, featuring a built-in earth contact, which simplifies and speeds up the welding process.
Earth terminals are no longer needed since earthing is ensured by a cushioned ring mounted on the gun’s support.
This compact gun is designed for stud welding up to M12 even in difficult positions and in small spaces.