New series of torches Mig/Tig/Robot – Cobot/Automatic

DELFO S.r.l. has been established in 2018 by the same team of people that at the beginning of the 70’s founded OCIM (first Italian manufacturer of MIG torches). So, not only the management is the same but also all the people employed in all various roles and activities, adding their skills and experience to the objective of the “new” company.

OCIM’s goal has always been to grow and improve the range of its products, specifically DELFO S.r.l. will resume their innovation, improving performance and aesthetics.
The company develops the entire products cycle internally: concept, design, implementation, production, sales and assistance.

Innovation and quality are the foundations on which the company is focused, to achieve these objectives Delfo S.r.l. invests significant human and financial resources in the development of new products in order to offer advanced technical solutions. All the new Automation/Robotics products are proof of this. Grazie alla passione ed alla esperienza acquisita nel tempo, possiamo definire la Delfo S.r.l. leader nella progettazione e realizzazione di torce speciali, raffreddate in aria e ad acqua, aventi caratteristiche che soddisfano le esigenze del saldatore.