New concept line for progressive stamping

Turn-key line for manufacturing of fuel/oil filter cartridges

The turn-key line for manufacturing of fuel / oil filter cartridges for automotive (heavy-duty) & industrial field is able to achieve a production rate of more than 800 pcs/h diameter up to 133 mm & height up to 320 mm. The line is starting from coil by the zig-zag feeding to minimize material scraps.

By two hydraulic presses with 5 independent completely servo controlled axes with pick & place and double bar automation, specific and interchangeable dies, the line can perform all the operations of blanking, drawing, elongation, forming, calibration and final blanking. The line set-up and the dies change are automatic, with a complete changeover in less than 20 minutes. Perfect for the production of cylindrical components requiring deep drawing operations and high quantity productions. An absolute innovation in metal forming, both for machines and for process, in line with Industry 4.0.