MyWelder, your next welder assistant

MyWelder is the new collaborative robotic system for automated GMAW and GTAW welding made by Industria Tecnologica Italiana, easily programmable that ensure a high level of efficiency with small productions batches. Our solution is space and cost really effective compared to traditional systems. The space occupied is extremely low and the cost of our product is lower 25% to 40% lower than traditional robotics systems. Moreover, no high-level programming skills are required for use in welding, thanks to the extremely simple and intuitive operator interface.
MyWelder allows welders to increase their productivity, handling all the simple and repetitive operations. Human operators are free to deal with coordination and organization tasks. Welders keep heading the processes, driving the robot along the desired trajectories. Then, the weldings are realized automatically. The system guarantees extreme precision, accuracy and repeatability.
The quality of the welding is guaranteed by a high performance ESAB Welding, a market-leader in the industrial solder machines.
MyWelder is an Industry 4.0 capital good that can be facilitated at 40% according to Article 1, paragraphs 1051 to 1063 of the Italian Law 178/2020 (Budget Law 2022 on the tax credit for goods for Industry 4.0).