Multiprocess micropulse 225 and plasma cutting voyager 105

Micropulse 225 is a multiprocess welding machine, portable, very light (only 16Kg) and very powerful. MICROPULSE 225 features the STANDARD SYNERGIC MIG MAG, PULSED MIG MAG, MMA and TIG DC LIFT processes. The DOUBLE PULSE is also available for special MIG MAG applications. The PFC module allows a reduced current absorption and allows to arrive, with single-phase 230Vac power supply, to weld up to a maximum current of 220Ampere. TOUCH SCREEN display that can be customized by the welder for easier use. FAVORITE mode for creating shortcuts of functions and JOBs. Any material can be welded thanks to the numerous synergic curves available. The duty cycle of 220Ampere at 30% (40 ° C) makes it suitable even for heavy work. The special functions available are: POWER FOCUS for high penetration, specific POWER ROOT for first pass welds. IMPORT / EXPORT mode to clone the welding machine and to customize each function of the machine.

Voyager 105 is an innovative plasma cutting generator. The high duty cycle of 90Ampere at 100% (40 ° C) makes this generator very robust and suitable for use in extreme conditions. VOYAGER 105 features SYNERGIC CUTTING, MANUAL CUTTING AND GAUGING processes. You can also take advantage of the GRATING mode which facilitates the cutting of grilled panels. The QUICK SETTING interface allows easy access to the adjustments and functions of the generator, also thanks to the TOUCH SCREEN display that facilitates any setting operation. The flexibility of the EASY FIT system of the supplied torch allows very easy management of the length of the torch cable and of the cutting or gouging geometry. Voyager 105 is also designed for interfacing with any automatic cutting management device such as pantographs, tables.