Multi 4x e 6x for Industy 4.0

Cesare GALDABINI S.pA., Cardano al Campo (VA), thanks to its long experience in supplying hydraulic presses and automatic sheet metal forming lines, has created a new and innovative production system, mainly for air/oil/fuel filtration cartridges and fire extinguishers, synthesis of high production capacity, flexibility and reliability.
The forming process of a piece, starting from blank or coil, is carried out in several steps of deep drawing, forming, calibration and blanking until the finished product is obtained. These operations were concentrated in a single multi-axis machine with 4 or 6 independent stations, with a force of between 400 and 1,200 KN per single axis. The MULTI 4x or 6x press houses, in a common structure, 4 or 6 independent hydraulic presses which, thanks to the optimized step and the extremely high speed, carry out the forming phases with cycle times between 3 and 5 s. The pieces handling takes place thanks to an automation with a 3 controlled axis double bar transfer.
The combination of the multipress and the double bar transfer allowed to achieve, depending on diameter (between 80 and 130 mm) and height (between 150 and 320 mm), a production rate between 500 and 800 pieces/hour, a value of absolute importance for a line based on hydraulic presses. MULTI has a sophisticated automatic die change system, with a complete setup in about 15 minutes. Even dies are rich in numerous ad hoc technical solutions: adjustable, mounted on a single plate, with integrated lubrication and thermostatic control and interchangeable accessories all on the die. A supervisor PC performs line monitoring in real-time, with numerous process control and centralized maintenance screens.
The line is fully in compliance with the Industry 4.0 criteria, thanks to teleservice, detection of network operating parameters, predictive maintenance and remote programming management. Particular attention has also been paid to the modularity of the line, which allows future evolutions and possible insertions of new stamping options.
It is certainly one of the most challenging and high performance products made by Galdabini, for the complexity of the process and the turn-key features of the system, where machine, automation, dies and logistics are fully integrated. Among the advantages of this new solution we can include the line compactness, the very high productivity, the reduction of energy consumption and of the operating personnel, the integration of new generation production facilities.