Mission: driven by nature

Climate change represents an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to human society and the planet. The needs of change derive from the awareness of consumers, who have included among their moral values respect for the environment and the reduction of consumption of non-renewable energy. Our destiny is inextricably linked to that of all the species and to all the ecosystems of the planet.
The paint manufacturers and their suppliers strive to have a more sustainable production, to reduce their impact, they use specific materials and paint products with low environmental impact (such as water products) that allow to have at the time of I use a healthier work environment.
POLISTUC has always responsibly believed in these values and paid particular attention to these issues and in recent years has embarked on a green path to strongly reduce the carbon footprint of its products, investing time and resources in research and development of sustainable and more environmentally friendly products, voluntarily anticipating the times and demonstrating a strong environmental ethos. You cannot recycle a paint, but you can think of producing one that is not based on polymers synthesized using fossil sources but also based on bio-polymers produced with bio-monomers from food industry waste.
In collaboration with the most important European multinationals producing raw materials for paints, POLISTUC has successfully combined sustainability and high performance, having a real portfolio of PLANT BASED water-based paints of a renewable and noncompetitive nature under study human. The products are available in both pigmented and transparent versions, intended both for use on indoor and outdoor artefacts.