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POLIFILM PROTECTION, one of the leading manufacturers of surface protection films, premieres new innovative solutions for fibre laser cutting at LAMIERA.
When it comes to cutting the full range of sheet metals, fibre laser cutting enjoys ever increasing popularity. However, until now, the market lacked a transparent protective film which would protect these high value and delicate surfaces allowing immediate visual inspection throughout.

POLIFILM PROTECTION has now closed this gap with their PF34C; a Transparent Laser Film for use with fibre lasers. This is unique in the market. The new PF34C revolutionises the cutting of stainless steel and painted sheets with fibre lasers. PF34C protects delicate surfaces during all aspects of laser cutting and processing. It guarantees optimum cutting performance from the exceptional adhesive formula based on natural rubber, which ensures both high adhesion with easy and residue free removal. PF34C is the first translucent protective film suitable for fibre laser cutting, allowing total visual inspection. Each substrate surface can be inspected before, during or after laser cutting. Stainless Steel grain direction is seen, coloured surfaces are shown, material selection is optimised; all of which help prevent costly mistakes and save the time normally required for peeling off the protective film. Additionally, the transparent film does not leave black traces of carbon along the cut line which renders elaborate cleaning measures obsolete.

POLIFILM PROTECTION’s deep drawing film portfolio offers solutions for every production process, combining uncompromised surface protection, maximum efficiency and optimum process reliability. It features protection films for both light draw and heavy deep drawing.

The films protect surfaces from scratches and draw marks and withstand the incredible forces exerted in the forming process. Due to the Adhesive and Film formulations developed by POLIFILM PROTECTION, the films come with exactly the required adhesion properties and removal characteristics for the given application.

Highly efficient processes through Easy-Peel films
POLIFILM’s Easy-Peel films are ideal solutions for automated and tightly synchronized production processes, in which protection films need to be removed cleanly and quickly from large surfaces. The faster the films are removed, the less force is needed, a characteristic resulting from special acrylic adhesives.

High end deep drawing film PF V42 C
The carrier film is based on an optimized Polyolefin, developed to ensure reliable protection of valuable Stainless Steel surfaces throughout the entire deep drawing and production process.

The film has unique advantages: superb deformation properties, excellent tensile strength and a minimum restoring force; which were previously, until now, provided exclusively by PVC films. Hence, it easily masters multistage deep drawing with high draw depths and tight draw radii, even if these steps are performed at separate intervals. The film does not become detached, lift or tear.

Its special natural rubber adhesive guarantees optimal adhesion and a low gel level: It does not form any glue spots which could potentially damage the Stainless Steel surface during the process of forming.
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