Many technologies, only one partner

Crippa will be participating at LAMIERA to introduce in the Italian market its latest high-tech products and to confirm its lead to innovation and research of customized solutions, that have been inspiring the company for over 70 years. Following the products present on the booth:

– CLEVER is the new patented single head bending machine for steel tubes up to 25 mm with 9 axes managed by CN, based on the innovative concept of a tilting head. The tilting head makes it possible to load, process and unload even complex tubes, with an extreme simplification of the process and a considerable reduction in the cycle time. The CLEVER makes it possible to bend left and right, in different planes and different radii of bending all in a single automatic process.
– Going up in size, you’ll find the CONCEPT80, Crippa’s new full-electric single head high innovative machine, based on the patented concept of a tool change integrated into the process for tubes of up to 80mm in diameter. CONCEPT80 stands out for its speed, efficiency and rigidity. This last feature is its strong point, because it permits extreme precision. CONCEPT80 can make multistack and monoradius bends (the radius can be changed during set-up) and has a built-in, double blade, in-cycle, electrical cutting system. The column makes it possible to process complex tubes as if they had monostack bends, thus simplifying both the production of the equipment and process simulation.
– SIXTY, the only tube bending machine for tube up to 42mm in diameter with the rotational movement of the head.
– Endforming machine S2086, with two axes controlled by CNC. The machine can complete up to six forming operations during the cycle.