Making the factory 4.0 has never been so easy

ORCHESTRA supplies digital solutions specifically designed for Industry 4.0. for real-time monitoring, control, diagnostics and remote configuration of machinery, systems and plants, specifically designed for Industry 4.0.
SMARTEdge4.0 is Orchestra’s electronic board allowing connection and integration of any new and existing machinery and production lines with the MIS of an enterprise. Specifically designed for INDUSTRY4.0, this component processes and integrates together data coming from machines’ PLCs over different industrial protocols, analog/digital signals from electrical boards or sensors, thus generating, directly from raw data, information ready to be used. It connects bidirectionally with the SMARTHinge4.0 component in the private CLOUD of the company over wired or wireless connection allowing remote actions and active controls on machineries.
SMARTHinge4.0 is Orchestra’s Industrial IoT platform always connected with the SMARTEdge4.0 components to exchange commands and data with the production machineries. It dynamically manages the Edges’ configuration and collects, certifies and integrates the data coming from the shopfloor making them available to the end users for machines’ efficiency control and the production progress monitoring. Through API’s it may interchange data with all the rest of the company systems as ERP, MES, CMMS, CAD/CAM ,BI etc.
Orchestra’s solution is ready to use, plug & play, no programming required and able to connect new and existing machines on multiple protocols at the same times.
At LAMIERA Orchestra presents the 2.0 versions of its SMARTEdge4.0 and SMARTHinge4.0 with new components and advanced functionalities.
Orchestra’s customers are manufacturers, machine builders, system integrators, service companies active in discrete and process manufacturing. In fact Orchestra offers professional services available for INDUSTRY4.0 projects to help manufacturers building their own production monitoring and control system, bridging the gap between Operation Technologies and ICT.