Linear systems of high precision and performance

SBI ball guides SBC
With sizes ranging from 9 to 65, the SBIC ball guides are offered with different types of trolleys and have fundamental technical characteristics for obtaining high performance. Among the prerogatives of the SBI series guides, the stainless steel ball retention system and the range of easily mountable gaskets ensure reliability and durability. The latter are chosen or suggested on the basis of the driving conditions. For example the combination of End Seal + End Seal, DD is recommended in dusty environments, the combination of End Seal + Metal Scraper, ZZ is recommended in environments where there are welding spatters.

SBR roller guides SBC
The result of years of study, the SBR roller recirculation system is proposed to the European market after a long series of tests carried out at the most important machine tool manufacturers in the Far East. Available in different dimensional sizes, with the relative versions of carriages, with different combinations of preload and accuracy classes, the SBR roller guides have been developed specifically for applications where the need for strong load capacities and high stiffness is maximum.
Like the SBI, the SBR guides are also available in different dimensional sizes ranging from 35 to 55, with the relative versions of carriages, different combinations of preload and standard precision classes N, precise H, ultra-precise P.
The SBR roller guides have been developed especially for applications where the need to support strong load capacities with high rigidity is maximum, with various accessories supplied.
Among the strengths of the SBR type

Design optimization
– the improved load angle based on each preload
– reinforced structure of the end plate against any external loads

Optimization of the regular recirculation system
The overhangs are reduced to a minimum, making the rollers more stable during the passage inside and outside the loading area

Optimization of the innovative lubrification system
Introduction of lubrication into the front head controlled by check valves. These are installed on both heads of the trolley and prevent it from flowing backwards during operation.

Among the services offered by Romani Components
Wide stock availability of the various dimensional sizes that we remember ranging from 9 to 65 for the SBI and from 35 to 55 for the SBR
Cutting and joining of the guides whose assembly can be envisaged for long-distance systems of the same.