L.A.P.R.I.S.S., Panasonic “All In One” laser solution

Roboteco-Italargon, the Italian pole for automatic and robotic welding, has been the exclusive distributor and integrator of the Panasonic Welding System & Co. brand for over 30 years. Panasonic Tawers technology, a revolutionary model that involves the complete fusion between robot and welding machine, is the choice of numerous companies operating in the Automotive and General Industry markets. After the recent acquisition of the American company Theradiode, a manufacturer of direct diode laser sources, Panasonic has entered in the laser welding market by presenting a fully integrated technological solution conceptually similar to Tawers technology.
During 2019 Lamiera exhibition, Roboteco-Italargon launches LAPRISS (Laser Processing Robot Integrated System Solution) on the Italian market.

LAPRISS is a solution that combines state-of-the-art elements and technologies resulting from the Japanese brand’s decades of experience in robotic systems for metal welding. Thanks to its unique and innovative concept, where all the elements involved in the laser welding process are managed by a single and powerful central CPU in the control of the robot, LAPRISS presents a speed of communication between subsystems never seen before. LAPRISS is equipped with Panasonic’s latest generation Direct Diode (DDL) laser oscillators combined with WBC (Wavelenght Beam Combine) technology. The result is a laser beam of the highest quality and high energy yields. The laser head, also entirely designed and built by Panasonic, integrates within itself 2 axes controlled by the robot that move the lenses and allow both the oscillation of the beam to obtain optimal welding on all metals and to move the beam on the welding section with preset or totally customizable geometries. Thanks to the small size and low weight of the laser head, LAPRISS can use Panasonic TM series robots characterized by high axis speeds and absolute precision. Moreover, the integrated system with a single interface and with specially dedicated menus allows to simplify and speed up the programming phases of the robot paths, the setting of the laser welding parameters and their constant monitoring.
Come and discover Panasonic Welding Laser process technology at Roboteco-Italargon, hall 18, stand B27