Industry 4.0 from over a 6.0-year experience

Gigant Italia has been designing and manufacturing for over 60 years 2-uprights hydraulic presses ranging from 60 to 3.000 tons, with tables up to 6.000×3.000 mm, suitable for deep-drawing of carbon steel, aluminum alloys and stainless steel parts mainly used in automotive, household appliances, as well as in the production of composite materials.
The press model we will exhibit at Lamiera 2019 has ample front and side spaces, allowing for easy access to the molding area. Based on force and size, our presses can have a composite structure, hydraulically pre-loaded by special tie-rods, or, as in this case, a monolithic one. All components are chosen from the most qualified manufacturers on the market, and each press meets all the safety requirements of category 4 of the European Machinery Directive. Thanks to the control panel on the machine different types of data can be set: from mold setting on the moving table and lower die cushion, to manual cycle setting during production setup, to semi-automatic and automatic cycles for active full production phases. Our latest generation of software Hi Gigant Connect Pro 4.0 for press control has been developed thanks to the data collected over the time. This offers: a high degree of flexibility in the production performance, the use of selected programs that can be stored in the memory system, and finally the control of the machine alarm and diagnostic data, for a 360-degree production management.
The G2 200 press on display at booth C31, pavilion 13, will also be equipped with a special machine state-signaling device, whose network can be integrated with other machines and is very easy to use, and a pneumatic tool-change system.
After this venue our press will leave for the Netherlands. We thank our Customer for giving us the opportunity to come back to Fiera Lamiera with such an important machine.